Underground Injection Control

Class 2 wells are used to inject liquid waste resulting from oil and gas activities deep underground. The waste injected includes produced water/brine and flowback from hydraulically fractured wells.

The Class 2 program in West Virginia is overseen by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Oil and Gas.

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UIC II Documents

Commercial UIC II Disposal Well 47-019-00460

Daniel Webb Construction is the operator. Two Google Earth images of the facility (one and two) in Fayette county. The documents are arranged in groups.

2007 Public Hearing on the permit

2007 Permit

Document group including 2007 Permit, letters to an attorney and operator, Notification of Violation and 2008 Consent Order, all related to the closing of the pits

2008 Consent Order
2009 letter to Webb from DEP regarding testing

Stream and pit fluid lab tests

Webb's samples

Date Sample locations Notes
3/18/2009 pit, adjacent to pit, downstream  
12/28/2009 upstream, midstream, downstream  
12/7/2010 upstream, midstream, downstream  
12/6/2011 upstream, midstream, downstream  
12/29/2011 upstream, midstream, downstream  
1/6/2012 upstream, midstream, downstream  
10/11/2012 upstream, downstream shares file with 12/11/2012 test
12/11/2012 grab from pit shares file with 10/11/2012 test

Other samples

2/7/2013 up stream, off pit, downstream Office of Oil and Gas
2/2013 upper creek, middle creek samples collected by Mary Rahall
3/15/2013 iron discharge, downstream, pit Office of Oil and Gas
3/18/2013 Webb stream Office of Oil and Gas
3/29/2013 L-upstream left trib, R-upstream right trib, downstream, pond discharge Office of Oil and Gas
13/4/2013 stream Plateau Action Network

YouTube videos show the pits above the stream and the stream below the pits.

Example WR-40 monthly report forms
WR40 forms for first permit period (2002-2007) -- 2003-2006 and February 2007. WR-40 forms for the second permit period (2008-2012). April 2013 when waste was being injected even though the permit expired in October 2012. Additional WR-40 forms for period when the operator did not have a permit but was injecting waste (January and February 2014).

FOIA document group with many of the above documents (24 MB)

2012 Mechanical Integrity Test (WR-37)

September 2010 Notification of Violation

November 2010 inspection report

2013 Draft Permit and Fact Sheet

2013 Public Hearing on the draft permit

Our comments on the Office of Oil and Gas' draft permit (2013) for the Webb UIC well.

2014 Permit and permit cover letter

2014 DEP response to comments

Site inspection in February 2014

Operator's SPCC Plan. The plan shows that secondary containment for the storage tanks is adequate assuming the walls between containment cells are perforated.

In March 2014 the Office revoked the permit and issued an order, with conditions, allowing the operator to inject waste until a new permit was granted.

An appeal was made to the Environmental Quality Board in 2014 regarding the permitting process and other factors. The Office of Oil and Gas created a large document file with materials related to the well, including 2013 inspection reports and the application materials for the 2013 permit application. The appellant's brief gives an excellent survey with issues with the operator's actions and has an analysis of stream contamination by Dr. Avner Vengosh of Duke University. According to Dr. Vengosh the stream shows contamination from Marcellus produced waters.

The operator closed and reclaimed the pits in mid-2014. This group of soil tests shows that the pits were leaking.

The operator apparently conducted a pipeline integrity test in 2014. It's not at all clear which pipeline was being tested. There is a pipeline between this well's facility and the operator's sister well nearby. This group of documents shows the pipeline integrity test being conducted between the tanks and the pump in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010. The documents all have the same wording and were received by the Office at the same date.

The operator apparently did not inject into the well for part of 2014. Injection resumed in December 2014 for 4 days as shown by this WR-40.

The operator submitted new applications for this well and the sister well nearby (47-019-00508) in 2014.

The Office created new draft permits for this well and the sister well at the end of 2014.


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